Mark Ronson Discusses Being A Workaholic: ‘It’s Almost Like Being An Addict’

Mark Ronson has been one of the busiest folks in the music industry over the past couple decades, and it turns out part of the reason for that is because Ronson is a self-admitted workaholic. On a recent episode of the Out Of Office With Rich Kleinman podcast, he discussed how his mentality towards work became problematic for him.

He spoke about how therapy has been beneficial in helping him develop healthier work habits, saying (as NME notes):

“It’s almost like being an addict. It’s hard to let go of something that’s been a positive reinforcement, but at some point, if you want stability and balance in your life, you have to learn to let go. It took me a really long time to figure it out. I’m grateful the person I’m with now is just so fantastic and whatever had to happen to me to get to this point in life, I’m okay with.

Looking back on it, if you go to a lot of therapy to unpack this stuff, which I have done in the later period of my life, well, those workaholic tendencies became my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time. Because there’s positive reinforcement for being a workaholic too, but I was also using it to run from sh*t. I was definitely using it because it was a crutch at times.”

Ronson has still been busy. Over the past few months, he announced a new Apple TV+ series, dropped a new Silk City song, and produced a Kacey Musgraves-featuring Troye Sivan remix.