Maroon 5 And Megan Thee Stallion’s Psychedelic ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ Video Is A Technicolor Fantasy

Just a week after releasing the charming “Beautiful Mistakes,” Maroon 5 and Megan Thee Stallion take a technicolor tour of LA in the song’s video, which they released today. The video revolves around M5 lead singer Adam Levine driving a pink convertible through a drab CGI cityscape modeled on the streets of Los Angeles. Slowly, the saturation of his surroundings turns up as he cruises, until he finds his car flying over an eye-popping candy-colored coastline, passing historical landmarks like Griffith Observatory and the Theme Building at LAX.

Eventually, Megan flies by in her own floating car to deliver the first half of her verse to the camera before jumping from her convertible into Adam’s to share the rest of their relaxing flight/drive over Randy’s Donuts as the sky fills with multicolored donuts.

The same day as Maroon 5 released “Beautiful Mistakes,” Levine drew attention online for a quote from his interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in which he remarked that he feels like “there aren’t any bands anymore.” Although he quickly acknowledged that “there still are plenty of bands,” he expressed his wish that they got more attention.

That being said, Adam and his band seem to have a pretty good handle on the direction music has taken, collaborating with pop-rap stars who are in the limelight like Megan and Cardi B, with whom the band collaborated on “Girls Like You.”

Watch the “Beautiful Mistakes” video above.