Miley Cyrus Has Fans Seriously Speculating After She Dropped A Mysterious Website Countdown

Miley Cyrus fans discovered that the pop star put up a countdown timer on her website, which stops on Monday (February 27). However, it doesn’t say what exactly is coming, leading many theories to run rampant online.

After a fan account pointed out the clock, they asked what other fans thought it was for. Ideas were thrown out for a tracklist announcement for her forthcoming album, Endless Summer Vacation, an acapella version of her major hit lead single, “Flowers,” or even a tour announcement.

The song has spent time at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks, so it makes sense if she’d want to give back to the fans.

“Flowers is spending it’s 3rd week at #1 & as magical as this moment feels I know it doesn’t happen by chance,” Miley tweeted a few weeks ago. “This song & it’s success represents the power of YOU! This is your moment & it’s my honor to be the messenger.”

Most interestingly, there’s been speculation that Cyrus could bring on Bruno Mars for a remix of “Flowers,” as the song appeared to be a response to Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.”

“COLLAB OF THE DECADE I FEAR,” one fan wrote. Others repeatedly chimed in that “Miley is coming” in pure excitement. However, it’s still rumored, so the potential collab could still prove to be untrue.

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