Miley Cyrus Casually Flamed Joe Rogan On His Show

Miley Cyrus wasn’t here for Joe Rogan’s criticism of the drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show came up at the start of the second hour of Cyrus’ appearance on Joe Rogan Experience, after Miley — who was there to discuss her music — explained why she doesn’t watch traditional television shows. Apparently, she feels that “I shouldn’t watch dramatic television” because of the rush she gets and her tendency to parrot the characters, leading to her revealing her true television love: RuPaul’s Drag Race.

After gushing a bit and providing a quick explainer for the bemused Rogan (which included the misnomered “death drop” — it’s really called a “dip”), the two watched a few clips of the performances from the show. After one excited Miley exclamation for Kennedy Davenport, Rogan questioned whether she knew every contestant by name. “I know every single one of them,” she confessed. But when Rogan deigned to demean the contestants’ routines, Miley casually dismissed his criticism with a judo flip of a burn that set Rogan back so far on his heels all he could do was laugh.

“They all do the same move,” Rogan complained. “They drop down and do the splits.” The unfazed Cyrus coolly replied, “That’s what I think when I’m watching your show too — all the same stuff.”

Check out Miley’s casual roast of Rogan above, and the full episode up top.