NewJeans Gains Mysterious Powers In Their Anime-Inspired ‘Supernatural’ Video

NewJeans’ new song is called “Supernatural,” but their rise to stardom is anything but. All it took was a commitment to reproducing (and updating) the infectious grooves and aesthetics of the mid-to-late-90s, silky smooth vocals, and this time, an assist from one of the ’90s’ most prolific producers, Pharrell Williams, via an interpolation of his 2009 collaboration with Japanese singer Manami, “Back Of My Mind.” NewJeans’ longtime producer 250 pairs the sample with horn stabs straight out of Boogie Down Productions’ “South Bronx,” giving the quartet yet another modern throwback.

Drawing from the 1990s has become the group’s signature; in another single, “How Sweet,” they dug into Atlanta bass, a la Ghost Town DJs, while a previous track, “Bubble Gum,” borrowed sounds similar to Mariah Carey’s summery R&B anthems. “Supernatural” is one-half of a paired release alongside a second single, “Right Now,” which debuted on YouTube in May with a video directed by Takashi Murakami. That song utilized an uptempo jungle beat, while the video brought back the girls’ Powerpuff Girls-inspired animated alter egos. Check it out below.

Although Pharrell didn’t have a direct hand in the creation of “Supernatural,” he’d certainly appreciate its anime-inspired visuals. He recently employed Lego and computer animation for his upcoming biopic, Piece By Piece, which hits theaters on October 11.

Watch NewJeans’ “Supernatural” video above.