NewJeans Turns The ’90s Nostalgia All The Way Up With ‘How Sweet’

The Atlanta Bass R&B revolution has begun! Fortunately, the ones kicking it off are a K-pop group, NewJeans, and they’ve already got a strong record of adapting the formulas of hyperspecific R&B subgenres and eras to their perky approach. On their new song, “How Sweet,” they employ the skittering laser-gun-laden sounds of groups like Ghost Town DJ’s and INOJ, updating them with pristine contemporary production and songwriting.

In previous singles like “Bubble Gum” and their inescapable breakout hit “Super Shy,” the quintet has smartly updated millennial R&B sensibilities to engage listeners informed by 2000s nostalgia. They’ve also wisely skipped around the straight-up radio hits of yesterday to ensure that their sound doesn’t get stale or come off as disingenuous, even though most of those hits came from before the group’s members were even born. There’s clearly a lot of appeal in their approach; the group was the fastest K-pop act to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, and their previous single “Get Up,” even reached the top spot.

The video for “How Sweet” even uses some of the most familiar tropes of the era, like the wet stage and baggy clothes (they wouldn’t be out of place in TLC’s “Creep” video or other late-stage newjack swing visuals).

You can watch the video for “How Sweet” above.