Olivia Wilde Makes Changes To Her Instagram After Facing Harassment Over Harry Styles Rumors

It was earlier this month that rumors about Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde possibly dating started to fly. The situation sent the internet into a tizzy, including some Styles fans, who deemed it appropriate to start harassing Wilde on social media. Now it appears Wilde has taken action by making some changes to her Instagram account.

In her first post of 2021 (and therefore, her first post since the rumors surfaced), Wilde shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the production of Don’t Worry Darling (in which Styles stars). As BuzzFeed News notes, comments have been limited on the post, which was not the case on her account before: The new post has nine comments on it, compared to the 20,000 or so on her previous post.

Wilde hasn’t made any sort of statement for the reason behind the change, but even if it wasn’t explicitly to combat harassment from Styles fans, it should certainly help to cut back on it.

When the rumors about Styles and Wilde first surfaced, some fans condemned those who harassed Wilde, like one who wrote, “To those leaving hateful, hurtful and harmful comments on Olivia’s Instagram / Twitter please stop. There is no need to send those comments. Its 2021, please learn and grow and actually Treat People With Kindness. Thank you.”