Oneohtrix Point Never Delivered Eight New Songs For A Short From Disney+’s ‘Star Wars: Visions Vol. 2’

Oneohtrix Point Never, Daniel Lopatin’s project, has now dropped some new music for the soundtrack of part of Disney+’s animated Star Wars: Visions Vol. 2 series. Specifically, he provided the score for “The Pit,” which is one of the shorts included in the anthology.

This time, he released eight songs for the Star Wars show — which perfectly dropped on May 4. Some of the titles include “Despair” and “Follow The Light.”

Lopatin has dabbled previously in the realm of other soundtracks, including being a frequent collaborator of the Safdie brothers for their Good Time and Uncut Gems films. He also recently worked with Guillermo Del Toro, making “The Viewing Suite” for his Netflix show, Cabinet Of Curiosities, last year.

As for other projects that Lopatin has in the works, he confirmed earlier this year that he’s working with The Weeknd again. This time, they’ll be doing a soundtrack for a feature film from Trey Edward Shults.

“We had some very fruitful conversations,” Lopatin told GQ in 2020 about his work with the pop star, along with why it continues. “After I went and worked on the album on my own, the conversations kept on going.”

Check out Oneohtrix Point Never’s new soundtrack for “The Pit” from Star Wars: Visions Vol. 2 below.