Paul Mescal Left Frankie Corio Speechless With A Personalized Video From Olivia Rodrigo

Paul Mescal’s paternal instincts extended beyond the confines of his role in Aftersun. Mescal is nominated for Best Actor at the 2023 Oscars this Sunday, March 12. But he probably already won the distinction of Best Co-Star Ever in the eyes of Frankie Corio, his on-screen Aftersun daughter, with Olivia Rodrigo’s help.

Leona Corio, Frankie’s mother, tweeted a video today, March 9, showing Mescal surprising Frankie with a video from Rodrigo while they were filming Aftersun in Turkey. (Aftersun was released last fall.)

In the 58-second clip, Mescal tells Frankie he has “a surprise” for her and pulls out his phone. We can’t see his phone screen at first, but Frankie’s face says it all. She immediately starts beaming with her mouth agape in disbelief.

“Hey, Frankie, it’s Olivia,” Rodrigo can be heard saying from Mescal’s phone. “I heard it was your birthday.” It’s a little muffled before we more clearly hear Rodrigo again and can see the video on Mescal’s phone. “I hope you have the best day ever,” she continued. “I hope you eat lots of cake and open lots of presents, and I hope I get to meet you real soon.”

Afterward, Frankie is left literally speechless, and Mescal needlessly apologizes to her that the video arrived after her birthday.

Watch the heartwarming moment below.