Pink’s Poignant ‘All I Know So Far’ Is A Powerful Anthem That Unpacks Every Phase Of Life

If anyone has had a year of it with COVID-19, it’s Pink. The pop star got sick with the Coronavirus in early spring last year, back when potential outcomes for surviving the virus were still so unknown, and her three-year-old song also caught it. Luckily, they both came through unscathed, but she initially called the experience “terrifying,” and revealed earlier this week that she rewrote her will when sick, that’s how severe it was.

During her illness, the primary thing on her mind was her daughter Willow, and making sure if anything happened that her young child knew exactly how loved she was. That was part of the impetus behind the singer’s brand new single, “All I Know So Far,” which is dedicated to Willow. A bit more of a country-pop feel for Pink, with lots of acoustic guitars and bouncing choruses, the song makes it clear that no one knows exactly what they’re doing in life, and staying true to your own heart is part of surviving. If Pink is about to go acoustic for a whole album, or team up with Chris Stapleton like she did back in 2017, I’m definitely here for it. After all, she already has a folk side project with Dallas Green in You+Me, so it’s totally possible.

Listen to the new song above and look for a video sometime tomorrow morning.