Suga Of BTS Showed Up In A Clip Teasing Psy’s Western-Themed Comeback Single, ‘That That’

At first it looked like Suga from BTS might just be involved on the musical side with Psy’s new single, “That That,” but a new teaser shared today indicates there might be more afoot. Psy is releasing what has been dubbed his “comeback single” later this week, and also sharing an entire new album called Psy 9th — but it’s a totally different climate in the music industry when it comes to K-pop than it was back when “Gangnam Style” was setting records. Now, K-pop is in the mainstream consciousness all the time, with stars like BTS, Blackpink, CL, and so many more continuing to win over American listeners.

So it makes perfect sense that Psy would enlist Suga to help produce his new song, and apparently, star in the video as well. Initial promo for the single revealed that the video for “That That” will definitely have a cowboy theme, as Psy runs through a deserted western town and hurls through the air in one of the teasers — but a short clip shared yesterday is a lot more detailed. Starting in the middle of a cowboy line dancing moment, it transitions to a saloon scene with Psy and Suga, and then a moment in a car together, and then back to the bar. Finally, a shot of the two posing together outside closes out the video, which is set to what sounds like the song’s chorus.

It’s the first teaser that really gives a feel for what the song will sound like and the video will look like, and unless this footage is completely unrelated in the end, at least Suga is featured in the new Psy video — if not all of BTS. Check out the clip up top and stay tuned for the entire single coming in just a few hours.