Psy And Suga Of BTS Cavort In The Wild West-Themed ‘That That’ Video

Since teasing the release of his comeback single earlier this week, Psy has made it clear that he’s well past the “Gangnam Style” phase that first introduced him to a global audience. Despite his past as a record-breaking K-pop artist, Psy isn’t shy in asking the reigning pop heroes of the day, BTS, to get involved with his new album, Psy 9th. His new song, which is called “That That,” was produced by none other than Suga of BTS, and another teaser clip from this week revealed that Suga is featured on the track and part of the video as well.

In a wild west-themed romp, Psy and Suga cavort through an old timey town, checking out the saloon and hosting massive dance-offs out in the town square — plus Suga raps his own verse on the track. It’s the kind of feel good, kitschy clip that will definitely go far, and based on the incredibly catchy chorus from the song, Psy has a chance at getting himself back into the mainstream pop conversation. Since his new album is also out tonight, listeners can dive right in with not just the new single, but the entire record. Stream that below if you want to hear what this viral star is up to now, and check out the video up top.