Ramy Youssef Believes Taylor Swift ‘Easily Could Hang In Comedy’ And He Explained Why

Taylor Swift has proven she can do a lot. Of course, she’s a generational songwriter and performer. The “All Too Well” short film she directed was well-received. She has a bit of an acting resume in movies like Cats and Amsterdam. Now, Ramy Youssef believes Swift could excel if she entered his world of stand-up comedy.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 2024 Oscars last night (March 10), Youssef was asked about Swift attending one of his stand-up shows, what that was like, and if he got to meet her. He responded, “I did, I got to hang with Taylor a few times, she’s incredibly kind. Really funny, easily could hang in comedy. Easily could hang in comedy.” The interviewers seemed surprised by that, so they asked for Youssef’s reasoning and he answered, “Timing. Music’s timing and she’s just got that kind of timing.”

Stand-up comedy is of course a different beast than anything else Swift has done before, so who knows how well she would do in that arena. At the very least, though, you know she’d put in the work if stand-up ended up being something she chose to pursue. Maybe she could open for herself on The Eras Tour with a tight five?