Yaeji Makes Subtle But Effective Alterations On Her Remix Of Robyn’s ‘Beach 2K20’

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Yaeji isn’t the sort of artist who is always releasing new material, but when she does drop something, it’s worth listening to. You have to go back to 2018 to find her latest single, “One More,” and that was her only one of the year. Between her releases, Yaeji has proven herself to be a strong remixer as well. In 2017, she offered an alternate version of The Range’s “With You.” Around this time last year, Charli XCX shared a Yaeji’s smooth remix of “Focus.” Now Yaeji has found herself working with another pop great for a remix: Robyn, who herself tends to also take her time between releases, has shared a Yaeji remix of “Beach 2K20.”

The original version of “Beach 2K20” appears on Robyn’s recent album Honey, and it’s a meditative dance track. Yaeji’s remix of the song isn’t exactly a sea change, but it takes it in a slightly more electronic direction and adds a pinch of “oomph.” The alterations aren’t grand, but they’re enough to give the song a second life.

Listen to Yaeji’s remix of Robyn’s “Beach 2K20” above, and revisit the original song below. Also read our review of Robyn’s performance in Los Angeles from earlier this year here. Also read our review of Honey here.

Honey is out now via Konichiwa Records/Interscope Records. Get it here.