Sabrina Carpenter Hilariously Embraced Her Latest Age Milestone With A Leonardo DiCaprio Meme Birthday Cake

For most, birthdays are a joyous occasion to embrace another year of growth and maturity. But Sabrina Carpenter decided to use her aging up ceremony to crack a hilarious child-like joke.

Yesterday (May 11), the “Espresso” singer brought in her 25th birthday surrounded by friends, family, and Leonardo DiCaprio (well sort of). In a clip shared by Ice Spice, fans quickly noticed that Carpenter’s birthday cake featured a meme of the DiCaprio with the line: “No don’t turn 25, you’re so sexy aha.”

To some the gesture may seem odd considering that Carpenter is currently in a relationship with Saltburn actor Barry Keoghan. However, given users online’s running joke about DiCaprio’s supposedly strict dating preferences around age, it brought forth a deep chuckle to her followers.

With Carpenter now out side of DiCaprio’s rumored radius of interest, her gathering might have served as both a public mourning and milestone appreciation.

As for the reasoning behind DiCaprio’s alleged age restriction, a source close to the star told New York Post its to “avoid settling down.”

“By the time girls reach 25, they’re looking for more – they’re looking to get married and settle down,” they said. “[DiCaprio] does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that.”

Welp, Sabrina Carpenter and Leonardo DiCaprio may never be an item. But that’s likely for the best.