Skrillex Fans Are Shocked And Confused That He’s Hanging Out With Notorious Quack Jordan Peterson

Skrillex has, for the most part, been one of music’s beloved figures. As an early star of the dubstep movement, and a former post-hardcore kid, Sonny Moore has worked with everyone from Diplo to Ellie Goulding, and achieved a lot of success all on his own, but his most recent collaboration has the internet up in arms. Last night, notorious quack “Dr.” Jordan Peterson — whose various, controversial claims have been repeatedly debunked by real scientists and doctors — posted a photo of himself and Skrillex posing together with the caption “Guess who.”

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Skrillex condones everything that Peterson stands for, but it is certainly not the friendship most people would choose to make public. Though Dr. Jordan Peterson was a professor at University Of Toronto up until recently, he retired from the role in January 2022 citing “the appalling ideology of diversity, inclusion and equity” that is “demolishing education and business.” This is from an op-ed he himself wrote, and that is up in the dek, so needless to say it encapsulates his views to a T. So yes, Skrillex fans are pretty unhappy, but some are just here to get the jokes off. Check out some the reactions below.