Diplo And Skrillex Might Be Releasing Music With Arcade Fire

Diplo and Skrillex make loud dance music for teenagers, which puts them firmly on the opposite end of critical darlings Arcade Fire. But, according to a recent interview that the Jack Ü duo gave to Charlie Rose, Dip-Dip, Skrilly and the Arcadians all jammed in Montreal recently, and that music may make its way into the world soon.

Diplo revealed the collaboration to Rose, at around the 13-minute mark of the video above:

“We were recently on tour together in Canada. We went to Montreal, and we had a day with Arcade Fire. Have you heard of that band? And a friend of mine was there, and we just said ‘Hey, let’s go meet up with you guys.’ We went to his garage and just literally played for 20 minutes, just everybody on an instrument. I got the files from them, and now I edit it down these loops in little pieces.”

Though there’s no questioning that the EDM Jack Ü traffic has become big business, Skrillex says they never set out to become pop stars.

“We never set out in the beginning to make radio records but nationally, our sound has started to cross over.”

Skrillex also had a theory as to why the music has become so popular:

“I think it was the timing, the fact that the internet and being able to share media happened at the same time where computers and music programs are so accessible to the people who are younger coming into music. Me coming through a band, I found it easier to express myself fully through computers. It’s a one stop shop.”

(Via Pitchfork)