Skrillex Shares The Groovy, House-Inspired ‘Leave Me Like This’ With Bobby Raps

Skrillex has had a solid run of hot singles lately. Earlier this month, he released the dance-ready ballad “Way Back,” featuring PinkPantheress and Trippie Redd. Before that, he shared “Rumble,” with Fred Again.. and Flowden.

Today, the super-producer has shared a new single, “Leave Me Like This,” with Bobby Raps. On the new track, Skrillex delivers a groovy, house-inspired beat, where a voice singing “please don’t leave me like this” can be heard fading in and out. The track builds throughout, with exciting drops and thumping bass.

In addition to new music, Skrillex also debuted a new haircut this past week, wearing it buzzed, and noticeably shorter than he did in his many years with long hair.

Over the past year, Skrillex has kept it relatively low-key in terms of public appearances, mostly just focusing on his own performances, as well as production work for other artists. He took to social media to explain why.

“People ask why ‘I’ve been gone’ or ‘fell off,’ rightfully so,” he said, “Like I said, 22 was sort of my tipping point, I had to put everything on ice especially my projects/career.”

He continued, saying, “The truth is I didn’t cancel sunset and movement festival because of my albums. It we because I was working on myself. For the first time in 4-5 years I’ve found a new sense of peace. It took so much work and sacrifice to get here.”

Thankfully, it seems like he’s ready to get back and draw us back to the dance floor.

Check out “Leave Me Like This” above.