Slayyyter Shared Intimate, Acoustic Performances Of ‘Troubled Paradise’ And ‘Letters’

Slayyyter released her official debut album earlier this year, and Troubled Paradise is a glitchy, hyper-pop record that leans into country, pop, and electronic impulses with equal ease. To switch things up, the left-field pop star partnered with Vevo to give fans a different side of her sound. In a pair of live performance videos, she strips back two of the album tracks to their bare bones acoustic elements.

First up, the album’s title track “Troubled Paradise” is reimagined with just Catherine Slater and a guitar player. They both sit in a mauve, dim room, while she belts out the tune with impressive vocal control. Check that out above. Then, she gives another album cut, “Letters,” a similar treatment — although that song was already originally in this softer realm. As an acolyte of pop culture phenoms like Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, in this pair of videos Slayyyter proves that she’s more than just the glamorous image or the massive production. It’s a showcase of her talent as a singer, which is something that’s constantly questioned for women in pop, and she nails both songs without flubbing a single note — even the challenging ones. Check out “Letters” below and “Troubled Paradise” above to hear a different side of the rising pop talent.