Slayyyter Announces Her ‘Troubled Paradise’ Album With A Kinetic Video For The Title Track

Slayyyter caught the attention of pop fans with her promising self-titled 2019 debut album. She even recently found her way onto the radar of Lady Gaga, who included Slayyyter’s “Mine” on her “Women Of Choice” playlist last year. All of that has built up to this: Today, Slayyyter has announced her second album, Troubled Paradise, which is set to drop on June 11. Also today, she shared a video for the title track, an upbeat shot of kinetic synth-pop.

Upon the release of “Self Destruct” in October, Slayyyter said of her music:

“I like doing things myself, I always have in every aspect of life. These days, you can make big budget-sounding pop, but have it be totally DIY. These songs are just written by me and my friends. I want to keep the ideas raw. […] I don’t want my sound to be stuck in 2007. I’m not fully ditching my old self, but I want to be someone new. The new material I’m working on has a balance between good and evil. There’s an angrier side, and a softer, heavenly side.”

Watch the “Troubled Paradise” video above and check out the Troubled Paradise art and tracklist below.

Fader Label

1. “Self Destruct”
2. “Venom”
3. “Throatzillaaa”
4. “Dog House”
5. “Butterflies…”
6. “Troubled Paradise”
7. “Clouds”
8. “Cowboys”
9. “Serial Killer”
10. “Over This!”
11. “Villain”
12. “Letters”

Troubled Paradise is out 6/11 via Fader Label. Pre-order it here.