Slayyyter’s ‘Clouds’ Is More Sparkling, Bubblegum-Pop Off Her New Album, ‘Troubled Paradise’

What feels like decades ago, back in 2019, I saw Slayyyter perform live at the El Rey in Los Angeles with very few f*cks to give. Of course, her laissez faire attitude is part of what draws fans in, embracing a pop star who is well aware that being too polished and shiny is off-putting in the post-internet era. Slayyyter is Catherine Slater, a pop fanatic who grew up in St. Louis obsessing over the likes of Britney, Christina, and even Gaga. After an initial self-titled project, Slayyyter came out in 2019, Slater is now readying her first official release via Fader Label.

She announced Troubled Paradise in early 2021, sharing the title track and video and following it up tonight with another new song, “Clouds.” Though her past stuff was grittier and more ironic, these new songs hew closer to the sparkling bubblegum pop sound that defined the early 2000s, and she pulls it off with surprising confidence. Though “Troubled Paradise” has more of an ’80s tilt, this latest track, “Clouds,” is even more champagne daydream pop. Listen below and check out the full tracklist for Troubled Paradise below.

1. “Self Destruct”
2. “Venom”
3. “Throatzillaaa”
4. “Dog House”
5. “Butterflies…”
6. “Troubled Paradise”
7. “Clouds”
8. “Cowboys”
9. “Serial Killer”
10. “Over This!”
11. “Villain”
12. “Letters”

Troubled Paradise is out 6/11 via Fader Label. Pre-order it here.