James Corden Puts Taylor Swift And The ‘Cats’ Cast Through Feline Training On ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden had a musically packed episode of The Late Late Show last night. In one show, he did “Carpool Karaoke” with Billie Eilish, hosted a performance from Mariah Carey, and he also took Taylor Swift and the Cats cast to “Cats School.”

In a hotel ballroom, a portion of the Cats cast gathered with director Tom Hooper, who decided it would be a good idea for they cast to better embody what being a cat is like by getting some training. He calls on “head cat” (and fellow Cats cast member) James Corden to lead the class. He enters, crawling on all fours and being so convincingly cat-like that he is mistaken for just a regular cat. From there, they work on their meows, playing with mice and balls of yarn, chasing a laser, and other feline things of that sort.

In the sketch, Swift is peeved that Corden is leading the class, saying, “I don’t know why Tom has chosen James to be head cat. He’s already pretty annoying, and this is only going to make him even worse.” After she was forced to drink milk from a giant dish, Swift said, “I was just recently named Artist Of The Decade, but after people see me lap up milk from that giant saucer, pretty sure they’ll take that away.”

Watch Corden put Swift and the Cats cast through “Cats School” above.