Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Could Pull In $620 Million, Of Which Ticketmaster Would Get Just A Teeny-Tiny Portion

Amid a very public lawsuit with Ticketmaster, Taylor Swift is expected to take in a good chunk of her upcoming tour’s sales. Forbes is reporting that the “Anti-Hero” singer will pull in 48 times more than Ticketmaster will from her upcoming Eras tour. Meanwhile, Ticketmaster will earn substantially less.

One expert told the magazine that Swift could earn $620 million for the Eras tour. If this is the case, Billboard predicts that Ticketmaster would pull in $12.9 million of this.

While the Eras tour is expected to prove lucrative, several Swift fans weren’t able to get tickets, due to an allegedly botched and rigged presale. And hell hath no fury like Swifties scorned. Several fans have filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster, alleging fraudulent practices and various antitrust violations, including price discrimination and price fixing.

According to a complaint filed in in LA County Superior Court last month, and has since been obtained by NPR, the “Defendant’s anticompetitive behavior has substantially harmed and will continue to substantially harm Taylor Swift fans, as well as competition in the ticket sales marker and the Secondary Ticket Services Market.”

At the time of writing, 26 plaintiffs, who live in 13 states across the US, are among those suing Ticketmaster.