A Taylor Swift Fan Came Upon Signed ‘Folklore’ CDs And Surprised The Internet With What She Did Next

Taylor Swift’s surprise record Folklore awarded the singer an impressive feat: she became the first woman to have an album spend its first four weeks at No. 1. To celebrate, Swfit found a clever way to thank fans while also supporting record stores across the country. The singer sent boxes of signed Folklore CDs to indie records stores. Word of the exclusive copies spread quickly among Swifties, and one fan was lucky enough to find a full box in her hands.

Over the weekend, Swifties lined up in front of Exclusive Co. record store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Manager Tom Smith allowed fans to wait outside the store before he opened, but UPS delivered the precious package 15 minutes before he arrived. Smith recounted the event to Today. “I walk up, and one of the people standing outside the store handed me the box and said UPS had her sign for it,” Smith said.

But instead of running off with the box and reselling CDs to make a pretty penny, the Swift fan asked herself what Taylor would have done. “I said, ‘Thank you for not walking off with this,'” Smith said. “She goes, ‘Taylor would have not wanted me to walk off with this.'” Smith said the box could have “easily” made the fan $9,000, but instead she chose to do the right thing. “It’s really endearing,” he said. “Taylor Swift does so much good with her celebrity, and you can see how it also trickles down to her fans.”

Folklore is out now via Republic. Get it here.