Taylor Swift Says She Felt ‘Lonely’ While Writing ‘Folklore,’ Which Some See As A Burn On Her Ex, Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift has fans once again wondering about her past relationship with ex Joe Alwyn after she made a speech before her performance of “Betty” at a recent Melbourne concert. The track featured on her 2020 album, Folklore, was written in quarantine, and Alwyn had writing credits on various other songs.

However, despite seemingly spending time songwriting together, Swift still described herself as a “lonely millennial woman covered in cat hair, drinking my weight in white wine” during that period.

Swift reflected on their relationship during her Time Magazine interview as well, where she felt regret for all the time she spent shutting herself off from going out in public and having fun.

Since Swift’s recent announcement of her upcoming new album, The Tortured Poets Department, it has put a lot of Alwyn’s behavior under close inspection from fans online. Many believe the title was inspired by a group chat that Alwyn previously said he had with actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott, which was titled the “Tortured Man Club.”

Then, there’s the question of the album’s cover. Over the weekend, fans had wondered if Alwyn had cheated on Swift after finding an old Instagram story from the actress Emma Baird it was allegedly with. Last year, Baird posted photos of Alwyn shortly after the news of the breakup had happened, which fueled the rumors at the time. In typical Swiftie fashion, it’s also been suspected that Swift’s release date of April 19 is possibly tied to being just one day after Baird’s post was made.

Some of Swift’s recent Melbourne surprise songs had a common theme of cheating as well.

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