Taylor Swift And Phoebe Bridgers Team Up For The Emotional ‘Nothing New’

Days before the summer season got underway earlier this year, Taylor Swift announced that her 2013 album, Red, would be her next re-recorded “Taylor’s Version” album. The news came months after she shared a new version of her 2008 sophomore release Fearless. In the announcement at the time, Taylor said Red “resembled a heartbroken person” who was “happy, free, confused, lonely, devastated, euphoric, wild, and tortured by memories of the past.” Along with new recordings of the project’s original 16 songs, Taylor added 14 previously unreleased or unheard records to the song, including “Nothing’s New” with Phoebe Bridgers.

The track is a soft, guitar-led that allows Swift and Bridgers’ bright vocals to shine on the track that focuses on a reciprocated love. Bridgers spoke to Billboard about the collaboration for an October feature on her Saddest Factory Records label. While the quotes did not make the feature, the publication shared them outside of it. “It’s just been a dream,” Bridgers says. “I just am so excited to have people take it at face value the day that it comes out, because I got teary recording it. I just couldn’t be more excited.” Bridgers also said Swift re-recording her albums is “really inspiring for me and a lot of musicians.”

You can press play on the video above to hear “Nothing New.”

Red (Taylor’s Version) is out now via Republic. Get it here.