Taylor Swift Previews A New ‘Taylor’s Version’ Recording In A Trailer For ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Taylor Swift offered the first taste of her eventual 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album in March 2021, when she shared her rerecording of “Wildest Dreams” in a trailer for Spirit Untamed. Now, over a year later, she’s on her way back with another “Taylor’s Version” recording of a 1989 song, this time “This Love,” which was also premiered via a movie trailer.

Some of “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” popped up in a new trailer for The Summer I Turned Pretty. Swift shared the clip and wrote, “Thank you [Jenny Han] for debuting my version of This Love in the trailer for [The Summer I Turned Pretty]!! I’ve always been so proud of this song and I’m very [pleading face emojis] about this turn of events – This Love (Taylor’s Version) comes out tonight at m i d n i g h t!”

Swift previously said of the original song, “The last time I wrote a poem that ended up being a song, I was writing in my journal and I was writing about something that had happened in my life — it was about a year ago — and I just wrote this really really short poem, it said, ‘This love is good / this love is bad / this love is alive back from the dead / these hands had to let it go free / and this love came back to me,’ and I just wrote it down and closed the book and put it back on my night stand […] All of a sudden in my head, I just started hearing this melody happen, and then I realized that it was going to be a song.”

Check out Swift’s post above.