Troye Sivan Teases An ‘Easy’ Remix That Includes A Brand New Video Starring Kacey Musgraves

Earlier this summer, Troye Sivan premiered the video for “Easy,” a standout track off his new EP, In A Dream. Troye directed and starred in that video, and now it looks like a new remix of the track will include a brand new video, featuring none other than Kacey Musgraves and possibly Mark Ronson.

In a super charged new version of the track shared this week, Sivan rocks a shaggy mullet and appears alongside Musgraves for a sleazy-gorgeous new clip. This is definitely the new music that Kacey herself was teasing just a few days ago, and though the visual clip shared doesn’t confirm if Mark Ronson will appear in the new video or not, the new audio of the song’s remix definitely has his Midas touch on it.

But all of this new information only raises more questions: Why did Troye remix “Easy” and go so far as making a whole new video? Will this be billed as a Troye song, or is the remix going to appear on a new project from either Kacey or Mark? And does this superstar trio have more than just one song up their collective sleeve? Well, now we have a release date for the song too, it’s coming tomorrow, December 9. At least we’ll have a few answers in just 24 hours. And until then, this preview will be on loop.