V Of BTS Can No Longer Be ‘Fri(end)s’ With An Ex On His New Solo Single

The boys of BTS are keeping the Army fed. While they are still serving their mandatory time in the Korean military, the BTS members, as individuals, have been maintaining a steady flow of song and album releases. Tonight (March 15), V has shared “Fri(end)s,” his clever kiss-off of a new single.

“Fri(end)s” arrives just six months after V’s debut solo album, Layover. On the track, V details the difficulty of trying to remain friends with an ex. But unable to handle this sort of emotional turmoil, he comes to the conclusion that it’s better to just simply throw in the towel.

“Friends / Just for now / Yeah but friends don’t say words that / Make friends feel like more than just / Friends / Just for now / Now I’m over pretending / So let’s put the ‘end’ in friends,” sings V on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s accompanying video, V expresses his duality as both a single man, and one in a relationship. As one of these characters, he appears happy and blissful, but as the other, bitter and lonely. But a plot twist at the end of the video gives the story an entirely new meaning.

You can see the video for “Fri(end)s” above.