BTS’ Jimin, Jung Kook, V, And RM Have Begun Their Korean Military Enlistment, Putting The Group On Hiatus Until 2025

The boys of BTS are officially on a hiatus. Today (November 21), the K-Pop group’s label BigHit Music issued a statement saying that the group’s members Jimin, Jung Kook, V, and RM have officially begun the process of enlistment of their mandatory time in the Korean military.

“We would like to inform our fans that RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook have initiated the military enlistment process,” read the statement. “The artists are preparing to fulfill their military service duties. We will inform you of further updates in due course.”

Jimin, Jung Kook, V, and RM are the last of the group’s original seven members to enlist. Jin began the process back in December 2022 and Suga enlisted this past September. In October, J-Hope revealed that he was adjusting “very well” to life in the military, per Rolliing Stone.

Before enlisting, Jung Kook released his debut solo album, Golden. The band also announced a docuseries called BTS: Monuments: Behind The Star, which will stream on Disney+ next month.

The message from BigHit continued, saying, “We ask you for your continued love and support for RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook until they complete their military service and safely return. Our company will spare no effort in providing support for our artists. Thank you.”

BTS is expected to make their musical return in 2025.