Yuna’s Song ‘Castaway’ Featuring Tyler The Creator Is An Upbeat Start To A Confidence-Boosting Album

Malaysian singer Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai, better known by her stage name Yuna, just released her new record, Rouge. Yuna’s fourth studio album is a bright R&B/pop record and her most confident music yet. Notably, the opening song on the record, “Castaway,” features a verse from Tyler The Creator. On the upbeat track, Yuna and Tyler speak of feeling used in relationships that aren’t the best for them and the power that comes from putting yourself first. Yuna’s breathy vocals melt seamlessly over an upbeat track, making “Castaway” the perfect summer tune.

Violin strings open the track, and warm crackling reminiscent of wear on an old record plays under Yuna’s vocals. A funky guitar riff keeps heads bobbing, and sparkling chimes are laced throughout the song. Yuna sings with a newfound sense of self assurance, “Honestly, you didn’t see the best in me / It feels like you’re mocking me / And now I’ve gone off so far away / A Castaway.”

Tyler brings a similar sentiment, but with clever bars: “If I were a pair of pants / I’d be looking for a belt / ’cause you always bring me down.”

Yuna said Rouge is her way of feeling sexy and confident in a recent interview with Uproxx: “Rouge is the color that I feel right now. I know it’s the color of a woman. You wear red lipstick when you feel sexy, and you feel confident… This album is it. It’s my rouge lipstick.”

Rouge has several other features, including tracks with G-Eazy, Little Simz, Kyle, Masego, Miyavi, and Malay.

Listen to “Castaway” above.

Rouge is out now via Verve Forecast.