Yuna And G-Eazy Are Rebels On The Run In Their Cinematic ‘Blank Marquee’ Video

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna is back with a stunning new track, “Blank Marquee.”

The song, which features rapper G-Eazy, is a serious retro throwback. Yuna broods over a confident, take-no-prisoners ’90s R&B beat, the mellow grooves of the melody showcasing her smooth vocals. She and G-Eazy sound great together, and their separate confidences make for a rich collaboration.

“’Blank Marquee’ was inspired by late ’80s, early ’90s pop music that I grew up listening to,” Yuna said of the song, co-written with Chloe Angelides. “We wanted to write something kinda sassy, but also a song about standing up for yourself.”

“Yuna is always great to work with,” G-Eazy said of the collaboration. “She has such an amazing and delicate voice that kinda bounces along the top of the track. ‘Blank Marquee’ is a vibe-y track that sounds nostalgic but timeless and futuristic but now.”

The video matches the timeless feel of the song. Director Adam Sinclair washes the scene in jewel tones and rain-slicked cityscapes, as Yuna, G-Eazy, and a cast of characters conduct some shady deals in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The video is intoxicating and cinematic, a perfect match for the moody song.

Yuna’s newest album, Rouge, is out July 12 via Verve Forecast. Watch the video for “Blank Marquee” above.