The Worst-Timed WWE Injuries Of The Past Few Years

05.16.17 10 months ago 12 Comments


When Braun Strowman — undeniably the best thing about WWE Raw right now, and the man poised to be Brock Lesnar’s next challenger for the Universal Championship — went down with an elbow injury, it was a bummer. When WWE later announced that Strowman could be out for up to six months, it was nearly upgraded to a tragedy.

But Strowman’s injury is just the latest in a slew of them over the past three years or so that have affected high-profile Superstars, and have always seemed to arrive at the worst possible time. In case you needed a horrible reminder (we know you didn’t; we’re so sorry), here is a roundup of all of the most poorly-timed injuries since WrestleMania XXX.

(Please note that this is far, far, far from ALL of the injuries to happen in WWE in that time, nor is it a recap of the most serious or severe injuries. This is simply a rundown and refresher on the absolute rotten timing that WWE has experienced with its biggest stars suffering injury at the absolute most inopportune time.)

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