Anderson Silva Faced Off With Himself In A Bizarre Bit Of Opponent-Less UFC Promotion

Anderson Silva is one of the weirdest men to ever fight. He’s a troll, and the best part is that he’s also one of the greatest fighters who has ever lived. Almost every one of his fights have been marred by strange moments of inactivity, dancing, and leaning against the cage allowing his opponents to hit him.

If you’re like me, you accept this and love it. Anderson likes to play.

For others, his antics are frustrating even if I find them wonderful. He does what he wants, and as we saw against Derek Brunson at UFC 208, Anderson can just take punches and not do anything else and still win.

He’s also been an odd fellow in his fight promotion. Remember when he kissed Chris Weidman? Remember the “mask” incident with Vitor Belfort? When so many other fighters need to reduce themselves to forced crap talk, Anderson Silva is out here just being himself and becoming an even bigger star than he’s ever been before. Just look at his UFC 212 face-off, in which he faces… Himself.

This, of course, is because Silva’s original opponent, Kelvin Gastelum, has been pulled from the fight for testing positive for marijuana metabolites. Silva is out here, promoting a fight with no one, and that’s why he’s the best. No games, no formulating a plan, he’s gonna fight in June, no matter what. So he’ll step up on stage and be as strange as he wants to be.

Es normal?

Anderson vs. Anderson would be great. So much dancing.