Conor McGregor Has No Idea Where Those ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rumors Came From

There’s been a lot of crazy rumors going around about what Conor McGregor is and isn’t up to these days. Will he be showing up at WrestleMania? Is he headed for Hollywood? A boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather? A war with the UFC? We don’t have answers to a lot of these questions, but at least Conor knocked down one particular zinger that got a lot of attention recently.

According to several UK tabloid outlets and even UFC president Dana White, Conor McGregor was set to make an appearance on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. The size of his role depended on the outlet reporting it … some said it would be a cameo. Others claimed he’d be appearing in seasons seven and eight. But at the ‘An Experience With Conor McGregor’ event in Manchester over the weekend, Conor said the whole thing was completely untrue.

“That was everywhere and I’ve never even heard about it!” he said with a laugh. “I heard about it once straight after the second Nate Diaz fight. Ari and Patrick was standing there, the new owners of the UFC, backstage in the dressing room after I beat Nate. Dana was in front of them, saying ‘these guys want you to be in Game of Thrones.’

“I’m banged up, my shin’s in a heap, I’ve been kicking Nate’s knees straight for twenty five minutes, my leg’s in bits, and he’s trying to offer me a Game of Thrones role. And I’m saying, ‘Listen, come at me with s**t I want to hear, I’m not trying to be in show business, I’m trying to be in the fight business. Come at me with a real number to fight again.’

“So that was the only time I ever heard the words Games of Thrones. And it went everywhere like months later! So I don’t know where that came from. But I’ve never been in contact with nobody from Game of Thrones and now I’m starring in Game of f**king Thrones!”

What a disappointment! And there was so much smoke to the rumors that we were convinced there must be fire too. Between David Benioff and Dan Weiss being huge UFC fans and Dana White seemingly confirming things, it sounded like McGregor would definitely pop up in Westeros sometime during the upcoming season seven.

Of course, now we have to wonder whether Conor McGregor is pulling a Kit Harington and straight up lying about his involvement in the show to throw off spoilers. But with paparazzi watching both Conor and the various Game of Thrones locations so closely, we suppose he would have been sighted on set by now if it were true.