Listen To Joe Rogan And Daniel Cormier Joke About GGG-Canelo Judge Adalaide Byrd At UFC 222

Some called it “a federal offense” while Gennady Golovkin’s coach insisted she had her lopsided scorecard in favor of Canelo Alvarez filled out before the fight even began. Everyone, except Canelo, thought her 118-110 score was ridiculous. It led to a split-draw for the first GGG-Canelo fight (which we will see the rematch of May 5), and the most jokes since Cecil Peoples insisted that “leg kicks don’t win fights.”

The scorecard is still so front and center in the minds of fight fans and pros that whenever a card goes down in Las Vegas and Byrd is cage-side tallying her scores, sweats break out on brows, or in the case of the UFC’s Daniel Cormier and Joe Rogan, nervous jokes are made.

“She’s a very nice lady, let’s just leave it at that,” DC said while laughing. “So is my mom but I don’t want her judging a fight,” Rogan quips back, setting off DC into a laughing fit. It’s a good reminder that those so close to the MMA world are completely aware of its flaws and ridiculousness, even as they commentate the highest levels of the sport.

As the fight between Cody Stamann and Bryan Caraway continues on, DC stresses that you have to make a good impression with the judges, “especially when…” Then it dawns on him that he’s talking about one of the most controversial judges in recent years, then the light heavyweight champion starts giggling again.