The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Is Proving To Be So Popular The Fight Is Being Delayed Due To PPV Issues

Between Showtime online PPV stuttering, Fight Pass being unable to play the show or process new, last minute orders of the fight, and standard PPV providers unable to properly show the spectacle that is Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, the main event is reportedly on standby and being delayed until orders can be processed and the fight can actually be watched.

ESPN’s Sal Palantonio broke the news that PPV providers in California (one of the most voracious consumers of fight sports in the world) and Florida are currently down, with reports all around the country and world painting a bleak picture of black screens and the general inability to enjoy the undercard.

Of course, this delay will absolute throw off the warmups of the fighters. And so, the conspiracy theories are coming in full force. Will this give McGregor the edge? Is this why McGregor will beat Mayweather? Will this create a scenario in which McGregor and Mayweather fight again? Another hundred-million dollar fight? All because this PPV scrambling was part of the plan?

Granted, there was a slight delay in the blockbuster fight between Floyd and Manny Pacquiao for the same reasons, but this seems far more widespread and with, as of this writing, only the co-main event to go, we are backing up against them walking out. Time is of the essence. UFC 33 was cut off by PPV providers for running too long. What’s gonna happen?

(Via ESPN)