Mike Tirico And Greg Olsen Headline Two New Commentary Teams For ‘Madden NFL 25’

For years, Madden games have featured one set of commentators, which can make the game feel a bit stale after awhile for those who play the game frequently. Even as the commentary has gotten much deeper and they log more than 100 hours of lines, at a certain point, you’ll run into the same things over and over.

So, for this year’s edition of Madden NFL 25, EA Sports looked to freshen things up by adding not one but two new commentary teams to the game. Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin remain on board, but a new headlining commentary team of Mike Tirico and Greg Olsen join the game, as do Kate Scott and Brock Huard. The Tirico-Olsen pairing is fascinating, as it puts NBC’s top play-by-play man with FOX’s former top analyst, now the No. 2 at the network with Tom Brady stepping into the lead booth to begin his massive contract this season.

Having Tirico and Olsen will give big games in Madden the appropriate big game feel, as having announcers on the call who have Super Bowl experience make the gameplay presentation for those moments feel even more authentic. Adding Scott, who does play-by-play for the Philadelphia 76ers, and Huard, who does college football for FOX, adds another commentary team to the mix that can keep the game feeling fresh for longer. With the new College Football franchise having a pair of commentary teams, EA Sports probably felt a need to up their game in that realm for their flagship NFL offering.