The Kelce Brothers Laughed At Travis’ Old Tweets Going Viral: ‘I Spelled Squirrel Like A Jackass’

Travis Kelce has gone from being a household name for fans of the NFL to being, well, just a household name in general. His relationship with Taylor Swift has thrust him into the spotlight well beyond football, and the Chiefs’ star has acquitted himself nicely to his new level of fame.

One of the toughest tests to pass is the old tweets test, where many an athlete/celebrity have gotten in hot water (or worse) based on things they tweeted a decade ago when they weren’t famous. Last week, Kelce got the old tweet treatment from Swifties, but instead of finding anything problematic, they just found a young himbo living his best life. On this week’s New Heights podcast with his brother Jason, they looked back at those suddenly viral tweets, with Jason loving the whole thing. Travis laughed off his “nonsense” tweets, particularly how he “spelled squirrel (squirle) like a jackass,” with Jason wanting to adopt that as the new spelling of squirrel while also digging in to some of Travis’ other classics (starts at the 17:30 mark of the YouTube video).

The Kelce brothers are truly a joy and them having a podcast during this moment when Travis is becoming a celebrity outside of football has made for some fascinating dives into what that experience is like. In this instance, it’s reliving old tweets from when no one followed you, but thankfully in a funny way and not a tragic way.