The Ultimate Streetwear Holiday Gift Guide For 2019

Buying a gift for the streetwear lover in your life can be tough. Especially if you don’t know anything about streetwear. We don’t blame you, staying on top of the latest drops, what brands are in style, and whether or mixing brands is cool, is tough — we know, we do it every week. And we’re doing it again, right now —

Below, we’ve collected a number of dope gift ideas for the streetwear lover in your life to make your shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible. We put together this guide merely as a list of suggestions, if the sweater, sneaker, or accessory we highlight isn’t quite right for the style-enthusiast in your life, at the very least you’ll have an idea of what stores to buy from, or what labels and designs are currently hyped. Modern streetwear encompasses many different aesthetics, so knowing who you’re buying for is key. Our streetwear guide encompasses looks that’ll appeal to skaters, hip-hop heads, athleisure seekers, sneakerheads, and even those looking for fits that land on the more luxurious end of the streetwear aesthetic.

If you’re on a tight budget, be sure to check out our Sneakerhead Budget Gift Guide for more streetwear looks. Dive into our Ultimate Streetwear Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 now and get to shopping (Christmas is coming quickly!).

PART I: Writer’s Picks


Uniqlo — Hybrid Down Parka


Price: $99.90

Help the person you’re buying a gift for layer up for the winter with this Hybrid Down Parka from Uniqlo. If you’ve never owned a jacket from Uniqlo, you’re missing out, their heat-tech padding keeps your body temperature steady and the added down material in this parka will help with even greater heat retention, all while staying hip to the current puffy-trend.

We also like that it’s clean-looking without a million tiny down panels.

Buy it here.

Free & Easy — The Truck SS TEE

Free & Easy

Price: $54

One of our brands to watch out of ComplexCon, Free & Easy mines the eternal-chill of Southern California culture and manifests it into a brand. The design shown above is the back of the shirt, the front features “Free & Easy Los Angeles” in red over the left breast, and is made from 100% cotton and hand-printed in Los Angeles.

Either the person you’re buying for hasn’t yet heard of Free & Easy, which will make you seem all the cooler, or they’ll be surprised at how up on shit you are with the current landscape of streetwear.

Buy it or shop more looks here.

You Don’t Want This Life — Original Long Sleeve Crop Top

You Don

Price: $47

If you’re shopping for someone who keeps it comfortable and leans into the athleisure-end of streetwear, consider picking up this simple logo long sleeve crop top from London-based label You Don’t Want This Life. The shirt sports a relaxed fit with subtle frayed detailing in your choice of either black or white.

You Don’t Want This Life has a number of other athleisure staples in both men and women’s sizes.

Buy it here.

PALACE — Pronto Rugby Long Sleeve


Price: $140

You can’t go wrong with picking up anything from PALACE right now. If the person you’re buying a gift for is growing tired of the designs of Supreme, chances are they’ll find a lot to like in what UK skatewear brand PALACE is doing.

We suggest the Pronto Rugby long sleeve, it’s winter-appropriate, graphic-heavy, and pleasingly asymmetrical while still borrowing from classic cuts and design aesthetics. If you can’t tell, we’re suckers for a balance of the old with the new.

If this shirt seems a bit on busy end for the person you’re buying for, PALACE’s winter puffers are a more conservative option.

Shop more looks and buy it here.

BAPE — 1st Camo Pullover Hoodie


Price: $319

Camo is having a bit of a moment right now, and no one does the pattern quite like BAPE. Amongst streetwear-enthusiasts, BAPE is still one of the dopest brands to rock, so if you have the money to spring for this classic BAPE camo pullover, you’re about to make the streetwear-lover in your life very very happy.

Buy it from BAPE.

Hyein Seo — Cropped Smoker’s Jacket

Hyein Seo

Price: $420

What do you get for the most stylish person you know? Something truly cutting edge. This Cropped Smoker’s Jacket out of Hyein Seo is unlike anything currently on the market. Unless of course, you’re K-Pop singer G-Dragon or Rihanna. With company like that, this gift is bound to astound whoever receives it.

Buy it here.

RHUDE — All Over Hoodie


Price: $625

Okay, we know, this gift is a little on the expensive end for apparel, so it’s not at all intended for your little hype beast cousin. This is like, life partner-level gifting. If you’re buying for your loved one and they’re a streetwear fanatic, considering picking up this All Over Hoodie from Rhude, one of the freshest brands currently on the streetwear scene.

Rhude takes classic iconography, like this Marlboro-influenced pattern, and filters their own brand and aesthetic through it to create something new — they’re a bit like the Warhol of streetwear.

Pick it up here.


Nike — Air Force 1 Type


Price: $140

No streetwear gift guide would be complete without a good pair of Nikes, and when it comes to Nike, no silhouette is more iconic than the Air Force 1. But rather than recommending a standard colorway of the Air Force 1, we’re going to keep things a bit modern here by suggesting the Nike Air Force 1 Type 1, an Abloh-inspired deconstructed iteration that features transparent materials, a wraparound heel strap, and a production-model aesthetic.

Buy it here.

Adidas — YEEZY Boost 700 V2 Inertia


Price: Latest sale at $324

This shoe is currently sold out at Adidas, but plenty of pairs are available at StockX for just a little higher than the release retail price, so they aren’t too hard to find. Ye’s had a hell of a year. He released countless new YEEZY colorways, (we could count them, just don’t want to), dropped a Christian rap album, staged an opera, and started laying the groundwork to move YEEZY production to the USA. So here is to you Kanye, your very own spot on our holiday gift guide.

If you’re buying one pair of YEEZYs as a gift this year, make it the Boost 700 V2 Inertia, UPROXX’s pick for the best YEEZY of the year!

Buy it from StockX.

Adidas — UltraBoost 19


Price: $180

The Adidas Ultraboost was one of the sneakers that inarguably defined the decade, even as late of an addition as it was. Each year, the design continues to be reiterated and improved upon, and the Adidas UltraBoost 19 is the latest and greatest from Adidas. Featuring a lightweight knit upper outfitted with motion weave technology for added mobility, the UltraBoost 19 is designed to reduce pressure across your foot, but aside from all the great modern tech, they’re just incredibly stylish.

Transparent materials, knit uppers, 3D printed accents — those are all staples of modern sneaker design and they all have the Adidas UltraBoost to thank.

Pick them up here.

Converse — Pro Leather


Price: $75

The Converse Pro Leather is perfect if you’re buying a pair of sneakers for a basketball superfan who also appreciates the history of the game. This 70s classic has been modernized with a padded collar and a structured white leather upper with striking University Red accents and Converse’s classic Chevron logo branding.

They’re the type of classic pair that looks perfect worn-in or kept pristine and they have the added benefit of being timeless, so they’ll never go out of style.

Pick them up from Converse here.


Vintage Frames Company — Ultra Goliath C18 Flat Lens

Vintage Frames Company

Price: $549.99

Recognize these frames? The most stylish amongst us are already singing The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights in our heads — yes, these are the same glasses Abel Tesfaye rocks on the cover of his latest single, though his frames are the XXL model which unfortunately aren’t being sold right now.

If a pair of sunglasses in a movie or on your favorite celebrity has recently caught your eye, it’s a good chance they came out of the Vintage Frames Company, which sells classic frames as well as new designs that borrow heavily from the classics, offering up some of the best eyewear in the game.

The Ultra Goliath C18 Flat Lens features a tortoiseshell frame, brown gradient shade, and while they aren’t quite as big as the XXL model, they’re still quite large with each lens at 55×48 mm.

Buy a pair here.

Warby Parker — Tilley Cognac Tortoise

Warby parker

Price: $95

Featuring your choice of a Cognac Tortoise or Petal Tortoise frames, these cat-eye sunglasses from Warby Parker are made of cellulose acetate and are available in both narrow and wide iterations, ensuring a perfect fit for every face shape.

Small frames are in so this probably isn’t the wisest choice if you’re buying for someone who is obsessed with the now, but for those whose style leans towards the classic, the old school glamour of these over-sized frames will be perfect.

Buy them here.


Supreme Shoulder Bag


Price: $48

Made from Cordura nylon and featuring embossed Supreme branding, this water-resistant shoulder bag is the perfect size to fit your phone, wallet, keys, or anything else that would normally build up in the pockets of your pants and jacket causing unsightly lumps to your fit.

Shoulder bags and crossbodies are everywhere right now, and Supreme’s simplistic design and variety of colors, from Real Tree Camo to Magenta, make them a solid choice as a first shoulder bag.

Buy it here.

Off-White Crossbody Bag


Price: $344.53

If you want to shop on the higher-end for a dope crossbody bag, Selfridges is currently selling a flat take on the bag by Off-White. Leave it to label-head Virgil Abloh to take the crossbody bag concept and strip it down to what it truly is — a purse. Yes, a crossbody is a purse marketed as a unisex bag, that’s all it is — a rose by any other name, and all that.

The reason these bags are popular is that the idea of holding your stuff in a bag instead of your pockets is genius. Holding things in pockets sucks, so be a good friend.

Buy it here.

Fjällräven Classic Kånken



This was a hard one to decide on, there are a lot of great and stylish backpacks out there, but we’ve decided to highlight a sustainable and ethically manufactured bag over the others. Fjällräven Classic Kånken is stylish, fairly affordable for an eco-friendly bag, and made from non-toxic and recycled materials under sustainable production practices. Also, they come in 55 colors, keeping your options wide!

Fjällräven has some more stylish higher-end bags as well, but we thought the Classic Kånken made for a, well, classic choice.

Buy it here.

And If All Else Fails…


The Gift Card

Price: Varies.

You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Sure, they’re pretty uninspired gifts, but sometimes Christmas doesn’t have to be about elaborate well thoughtful gifts, sometimes it’s just about getting some stuff from your friends and family in exchange for stuff for your friends and family.

When you don’t know what to get someone, but you know they love streetwear and sneakers, just get them a gift card. It’s an empowering gift that says “get whatever the hell you want, I’m not the boss of you.” It’s the least you could do, but at least you’re still doing something.

Here are a bunch of cool places to buy gift cards from.

PART II: Editor’s Picks

Written by UPROXX Life Editorial Director, Steve Bramucci

Covry Vega Moss Sunglasses


Price: $95

These are my current go-to on the street and moving around sunnies. First of all, they’ve got the tortoiseshell look without the actual tortoiseshell and the leather case without the actual leather — so they’re taking care of the planet. Second of all, they’re stylish and versatile, fitting a number of different looks.

Third of all, and this is so big that it requires its own paragraph, they’re durable. The frames have a level of flex that keeps them from getting misshapen when they get banged around. And they fit nicely — sitting a little higher on the face than typical sunglasses.

BOTTOM LINE: Get them for the style enthusiast with an eye on the environment and the habit of banging glasses around a little too much.

Buy a pair here.

Greats — Royale


Price: $179

No cap, these are my favorite shoes on earth. Why? They’re skate shoes but they look straight-up luxurious. Like browned-butter leather. I wear them with a suit and no one acts like they’re out of place. I wear them with casual clothes and they’re always the first thing people comment on.

The Greats does a fantastic job repping the classic skate shoe silhouette, but this is my favorite pair from their line. They’re comfortable and durable but it’s really the look I care about and these look as clean and smooth as can be.

BOTTOM LINE: Get them for the streetwear head who is leveling up to wearing a suit to work or wants to keep their skate vibes but actually get into the club.

Buy it here.

Free & Easy — Don’t Trip LBC LS Tee


Price: $68

“Free and Easy” is actually a Huck Finn quote (I wrote my MFA thesis on that book). It then became the title of one of the most iconic surf movies ever and, finally, the brand name was licensed to a streetwear brand that Dane and I both love.

This shirt was the first thing I bought from Fre & Easy and I wear it often (right now, in fact!). It’s got a modern streetwear vibe but it also displays the late 60s sunny SoCal ethos of the brand. The mix is nice and though I generally hate wearing slogans, “Don’t Trip” is a good one.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy it for the skater/ surfer who bounces between pure vintage looks and modern sensibilities.

Buy it here.

Free & Easy — Don’t Trip Fat Corduroy Hat

Free & Easy

Price: $40

Okay, apparently I’ve stayed on that “Don’t Trip” wave. I just love the idea of a corduroy hat. It’s so 60s surfy that I can hardly stand it. Just look at it up there, emblazoned with the ultimate burnout slogan. Perfect for a day at San-O or Trestles or Venice.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy it for someone who feels like others are often tripping and would prefer that they did less tripping.

Buy it here.

Eddie Bauer Expedition Performance Flannel Shirt

Eddie Bauer

Price: $80

Man, woman, trans, non-binary — however you identify, there are a few shirts you want in the repertoire. This classic red and black lumberjack is one of them. Sure, literally every brand on earth makes their iteration of this, I just like the Eddie Bauer version best. It’s got nice flex to it, it never gets wrinkled, and the fit is a good middle-space between tight-fitted and 90s slacker baggy.

It’s also deceptively warm, which means you don’t have to layer up so damn much that no one actually ever sees your shirt. Huge bonus.

BOTTOM LINE: Get it for literally anyone who doesn’t have one. They’ve seen these around and they want one, deep down.

Buy it here.

Mr P. — Selvedge Cotton-Chambray Shirt

Mr Porter

Price: $190.

The classic chambray is another shirt everyone should have. I have a few. This one is nicer than the others. You wear this with jeans, people comment. You wear it to the bar, and you’re all good — no matter the dress code. You wear it into the forest and let it get a little grubby? You’ll look like Newman in Cool Hand Luke, rather than just another dude who needs a shower.

Chambrays aren’t cheap and the good ones — like this — can get spendy. So buy it once and buy it right, being sure to pay attention to the nice, stylistic touches like the white buttons.

BOTTOM LINE: Cop this for someone who knows how to take care of nice clothes and is trying to compile a wardrobe full of classic pieces.

Buy it here.

Uniqlo — Men’s Color Socks


Price: $3.90

These are socks. One-color. That’s all. I just included them because they are A) quite affordable, and B) available in a range of 70s-feeling colors. What more do you need to know?

BOTTOM LINE: Buy them for a person with feet. Especially if that person has skipped the whole overly stylized sock trend.

Buy it here.

Adidas — Liberty Cup


Price: $63

Do you skate or do you just like streetwear? That is the question these shoes pose. Because if you just like streetwear, fine. No judgment. And you might still want these because they look awesome. But if you actually skate, these are the best skating shoes I’ve ever owned. Which is huge on its own and even better when you consider how fly they are. Legit, I own a fine few pairs of kicks and none got commented on so much as these, back when they were clean.

These days, I don’t get as many comments because the shoes are banged up, but that happened with good reason: I skate in them every day.

BOTTOM LINE: A skater who also wants to look fresh.

Buy it here.

UNKNWN — Hotel Hoodie


Price: $60

“It brings out your eyes!”

“Wow, your eyes really pop in that!”

That’s the comment I get about this hoodie. And I’ve washed it 20 times. But the colors don’t fade and the comments keep coming. For reference, no one has mentioned my eyes in 2019 when I haven’t worn this sweatshirt. Seriously.

UKNWN is a brand co-owned by LeBron James and it’s continued to grow and expand. The HOTEL line came out in the summer, but — as I said — it’s a perfect classic hoodie with a nice, mellow little yellow pop of logo and a great fit. All the elastic, the cuffs, etc — it’s all quality, making this a great value.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy this hoodie for anyone who likes A) LeBron B) a good hoodie (literally every streetwear fan), or C) has blue eyes and would be flattered to receive a few nice compliments.

Buy it here.

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