The Freshest Supreme Hats In History

11.08.18 8 months ago
best supreme hats ever


Okay, so we’ve been through the best Supreme shirts. We’ve covered the best Supreme collaborations. But being that the company is one of the OG streetwear brands and so prolific that they do weekly drops, there’s still a lot more to know, love, and appreciate. From work with well-known artists to high fashion brands to hosting one of the biggest auctions in one of the biggest auction houses in the world, Supreme has an inexplicable hold on people. And while some people will never understand what that’s all about (yes, we read your comments), there are infinitely more who are right there with us — vibing with the ethos, getting hyped on a few gems every week, and actually lining up with the hypebeasts and sneakerheads every now and then.

If you’re going to unpack what the company does best, there’s no sleeping on hats. Whether they deviate from the box logo or not, many of the designs put forth have been undeniably and endlessly fly. And seriously, the number of hats the company has slapped their name on feels endless. That’s why we’ve yet again taken it upon ourselves to narrow them down to the dopest 50 and put them all in one place for your urban-gear-aficionado viewing pleasure. These are in no particular order because we can’t decide what’s the hottest. You decide for yourself, you got this.

(Note: “hat” and “cap” are used interchangeably. Don’t be that guy.)

Supreme Flags Camp Cap, Unreleased

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Supreme "Flags" Camp Cap Year: Unreleased Sample First off, a HUGE thank you to @rometheprophet for once again coming through with pictures for the page. A highly recommended follow if you're into samples and rare items. Now yes, this is a repost so don’t kill me too much but when this was first posted I had a lot less followers and I just want to make sure that everyone has a chance to see this piece. So as far as the camp cap goes, there's a couple of different stories that have floated around about this item. Back in 2013 it was rumored that Lucien Clarke received the camp cap from Supreme and was said to be a 1/1 item. Another story I've heard is that there was left over material from the "Flags" pullover and it was used to make a couple of custom caps. There's even a story about how the camp cap was cancelled after they were pressured not to release it due to the Saudi Arabia flag being used on it and they were afraid that the "There is only one God and Mohammed is the Messenger of God" message that the Saudi flag features would cause a bit of backlash from many sides. Also, it's said that Supreme went ahead with putting the Saudi flag on the deck because it was be mostly covered up with Supreme'a branding. With this particular item, nothing is for certain. But I'd be willing to say that it was made in SUPER limited quantities for just a handful of people that Supreme consider very close "F&F."

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This unreleased sample is for the super urbangear heads who love all things rare. It’s a Supreme urban legend, with various stories about why it was never released. Some believe it was only released to a select few — stars and celebs and investors. There’s also a legend that the cap couldn’t be released because the message on the Saudi Arabian flag, “There is only one God and Mohammed is the Messenger of God,” would be too controversial. Knowing Supreme’s controversial history, it’s doubtful that this legend is true, but one thing is for certain — it’s a shame it wasn’t widely released because it looks cool as shit.

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