KAWS Re-Released His Blush Figurines For Valentine’s Day


Street artist KAWS is like the godfather of dope, 3D visual art. He’s big-time — from collaborating with Supreme and creating art for limited edition Hennessy bottles to having gigantic versions of his best-known works — his figurines — featured everywhere from Fort Worth to New York to Amsterdam. His smaller figurines are also widely popular, and this Valentine’s Day he’s re-releasing one of the hit pairs for lovers who are also lovers of art.

The “Blush Companion” figures were originally released at KAWS’ “Where the End Starts” exhibition at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. The set features two red and pink figures in KAWS’ usual style — somewhat like if elephants had jerry curls on their ears, and X’s for eyes. One of the figurines has a kind of Two-Face supervillian thing going on. Or it offers an anatomy lesson, depending on how you see it. Neither figure is distinctly male or female, making this the perfect gift for whomever you chose to give a Valentine to.

The figures will drop today (Valentine’s Day), so there’s no getting ahead of the game, here on KAWS’s website at noon EST.