Lesser-Known Streetwear Brands That You Need On Your Radar


Streetwear is currently at the very forefront of cultural influence. Cutting edge. The skateboarding-meets-hip-hop-inspired aesthetic is beloved by the tastemakers of today and its popularity has garnered the attention of Italian and French fashion houses — where they’ve realized that the most effective place to turn heads isn’t on runways but in city streets. Obviously, for anyone who knows the history of brands like LV and Fendi, this is a pretty serious shift.

There is a downside. Streetwear has become so synonymous with modern fashion that things are starting to look a bit… same-y. The scene needs new blood. That’s not to say the big brands like Supreme, BAPE, The North Face, and Off-White are going to suddenly stop being trendy. Those brands are still at the top of the streetwear game, along with brands like Palace, Stüssy, and Neighborhood. But if you want to start dressing for the fashion of tomorrow, you’re going to have to broaden your scope and think beyond the titans of industry.

We’re entering a new era — the 2020s — and now is a crucial time for you to up your game and elevate your personal wardrobe in anticipation of the coming decade. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best lesser-known streetwear labels. These are upstarts and renegades who need to be on your radar right away. All of the companies on this list were launched in the mid to later part of the last decade and they represent the next generation of streetwear designers set to dominate the conversation going forward.

In short: If you want to know what’s “next,” keep reading.


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Aries is already a pretty well-known brand in the U.K. but it doesn’t get the attention that other U.K. labels like PALACE enjoy here in the states. That needs to change. Aries is a joint effort by fashion duo Sofia Prantera — of Silas fame — and PALACE mastermind Fergus Purcell. While PALACE leans more toward skate culture, Aries takes streetwear to a space that’s a little more high end and fashion-forward, drawing inspiration from U.K. rave culture. Fans of Euphoria will recognize some of the pieces on the site, as Rue rocked some of their designs.

The Aries website categorizes clothing in Women’s and Men’s collections but also includes a refreshing “Don’t Care” category which makes their collection of graphic tees, silk track pants, and androgynous-leaning silhouettes easier and more rewarding to navigate. You never know what you’ll find at Aries, but whatever it is, chances are its dope.

Aries can be found at retailers like SSENSE and MR PORTER, but their best stuff can be found at their online store.