Nordstrom’s $1645 Shoe Is Garbage, And People Have Lots Of Thoughts


Hold up, stop everything. This week, we made a terrible mistake. We always make sure to carefully curate our weekly sneaker column, we want to deliver the most fly fashion and the hottest looks for our readers. So it is with a heavy heart that we offer our apologies for not bringing this premium piece of fashion to your attention.

The Maison Margiela Fusion Sneaker sports a removable insole, lace-up closure, and a leather and textile upper and is available now at Nordstrom for just $1,645. This head-turning high-fashion Italian sneaker brings the holidays straight to us weeks early with this “edgy twist on a classic look.”

What. In. The. Actual. Holy. Hell.

Seriously what are these though? Duct tape, white out, various shoes stitched together, a viscous cloudy glob that is reminiscent of — yikes. These shoes are clearly meant to imitate shoes worn by the homeless and indigent. And while we’re not the type to race to call shit offensive, these are offensive right? I mean, I’m not homeless and I’m offended by shoes meant to look like the Derelict line from Zoolander and selling for $1,645.

The shoes are one-off and handmade, but they’re also dumb and generally insulting, so no “artisan points” for this one. Twitter, can we get an amen?

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