The New Fashion Trends Taking Over The Festival Scene

04.17.18 1 year ago 4 Comments
new festival fashion trends


Festival fashion often feels like a parody of itself. People imagine music festivals as packed with cultural appropriating, faux hippie/flowers in the hair wearing, boho bummy dressing, spaced out, super high music fans. And while that can still be true, it’s becoming an increasingly reductive way to view the whole scene. Sure, the super high music fan aspect might still be correct, but people are, in large part, done with the culture vulture style of dress and on to much cooler, less problematic styles.

Among the droves of people getting decked out to see their favorite artists and bands, a few specific fashion trends stick out as the freshest. And these styles look good — whether you’re Coa-chillin’, getting Lollapa-loose, being Afro-punked, or sitting at home or work waiting for your chance to revel with a couple thousands of your new best friends as some yet unsettled date. So check this list out, pick how you want to look… then absolutely skip on the Native American headdress.

1. Track suits and windbreakers

Festivals are all fun in the sun until nighttime wind chills set in. The only thing worse than getting rained out while you’re outside watching your favorite artist is freezing to death mid-show. Luckily, both track-suits and windbreakers are back in style for both men and women. And just like back in the day, when you get too warm, you can tie it right around your waist for safekeeping.

Plus… if it’s good enough for Armie Hammer, it’s good enough for us.

2. Tiny, round sunglasses

Either Yeezy was right, or we’re all following his lead, but tiny sunglasses with round lenses are hot right now, and will be even hotter on the festival grounds. Protecting your eyes from the sun is kind of a pain with chunky glasses that keep falling off, and during those nighttime set you don’t want something that won’t fit in your pocket. These sunnies are cool, compact, and can still get the job done.

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