A Photo Diary Of The Nightlife Scene From LA To Ibiza

When photographer Ashley Wilhardt told us she was headed to Ibiza to kick off the summer, we immediately asked her to capture the island’s famous nightlife. She came back with a wealth of images, revealing the pulsing party scene in one of the few places that’s managed to stay cool since the dawn of electronic music.

Once she landed back in the U.S., we sent Ashley out a second time, with the mission of capturing young Hollywood at play. Looking at her photos grouped together, it’s hard to pick out any one trend. What the images do reveal are people having fun with how they dress, remixing classics, and making bold style choices.

“People who don’t care about being fashionable always seem to be the most stylish,” Ashley says. “That’s the same no matter where you are. Fearlessness is sexy.”

It’s a refrain we’ve heard a lot this month and it’s evident in Ashley’s photos — from Spain to the United States. Whether it’s sneaker-wearing Frenchmen, DJs in rompers, or women giving plaid another shot, the key is simple:

“Own your shit,” Ashley says, “and everyone else will catch on.”

If you’re looking for a style recipe for how you can pull off a look and grab eyeballs, “own your shit” is a pretty good place to start. Meanwhile, you can check Ashley’s globetrotting photos below: