The Taco Bell And Forever 21 Collab We Should Have Seen Coming Is Here

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Taco Bell

Everyone knows that Taco Bell loves a union. We all remember the launch of the Las Vegas wedding chapel, where you could say “I do” as God intended: With hot sauce packets. And, there have been various brand couplings with Lyft, Pop Rocks, and KitKat. Now, they are joining forces with Forever 21 on a fashion line that should surprise not a single one of us. The only thing they could do that’s more on-brand is an official Taco Bell bong.

Forever 21 x Taco Bell is the clothing line for men and women that will truly let you live mas. The line ranges from full on sauce pack body suit to more subtly accented items, but not a one of them will leave anyone in any doubt that you still use the term “fourth meal” on the regular. The full collection includes cropped hoodies, tops, sweatshirts, body suits, and an anorak jacket.

Taco Bell

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