This Photographer Goes To Fashion Week Just To Capture The Street Style

06.07.17 1 year ago

Tim Regas

Rumi and Gary Pepper Girl at Louis Vuitton

Tim Regas has made a business of photographing people as they arrive at shows during fashion week. This is a skill set that’s harder than you might think. It’s about jostling for the right shot, framing an image in only a second or two, and having a rapport with the power players. Regas has all of these skills — plus a stunning visual sense to boot. He’s shot runways and advertisements, but it’s on the street where his talent shines.

I spoke to the star photographer recently about his draining, thrilling, all-consuming job of taking photographs of street fashion all over the world. He’s funny, and lighthearted when talking about his photography, but there’s also a sense of reverence about it. He truly respects the style makers of the world, and he loves his work. His photography tiptoes the line between fantasy and reality, street documentary and modelling, until they all blur together to create a delightful fusion of colors, trends, and style.

Regas shared some of his work with us, offered tips of the trade, and talked about what he loves about the fantastical world of fashion.

Tim Regas

Chiara Ferragni being cautioned by the NYPD

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