SNX DLX: Featuring A New Roswell Raygun Collection, A Double Yeezy Drop, And New Supreme

We’re now in our second full week of 2021 and we’re already having to make some hard purchasing choices. Not only will a hotly anticipated eight sneaker collection drop — the Nike Raygun pack — but we’re also getting a double Yeezy drop, and a brand new Supreme collaboration. That’s a lot of shoes! It’s a good thing too because on the apparel end offerings are still looking light, as brands continue to shed their winter collections heading towards spring.

It’s still a little too early to start unveiling Spring/Summer 2021 collections, but thankfully this week brings a dope link-up between Awake NY and Los Angeles-based BornxRaised, as well as a cool collection from the always-fun Chinatown Market to satiate our desire for new fits. Because it’s a light week, we’ve also made the call to end this article with a new SNX DLX addition we’re calling “Dud of the Week,” … we’re still working on that name, but it should be self-explanatory.

Let’s dive in!

Supreme Nike Air Max Goadome


These new boots out of Supreme are giving us serious Berlin club kid vibes. It seems like a million years since we’ve entertained the idea of going into a club, but that day will come… eventually. For now, we might as well get our club fits laid out and we can’t think of a better way to complete your outfit for the next underground house show you attend than with a pair of these red or black Goadome boots.

The boots feature a glam-inspired scaly snakeskin upper that look designed to catch the lights emitting from the DJ booth. Or maybe we’re just getting nostalgic for the days of going out!

The Supreme Nike Air Max Goadome is set to drop on January 14th for a yet to be announced price. Pick up a pair exclusively at the Supreme online store.


Nike Roswell Rayguns Collection


Nike’s fictional basketball team, the Roswell Rayguns, are proof that more brands should make real clothing for fictional teams. Seriously. Despite the Rayguns growing out of a Nike ad campaign and not actually existing, they’ve got an amazing track record for dope alien-themed Nike colorways that far exceed the tired college colors the brand continually dips into.

This pack, launching on January 15th, consists of a whopping eight sneakers. For visual SNX consistency, we’re not going to showcase all eight, but the full line consists of a low top Air Force 1, a Nike Air Raid, Air More Uptempo, Blazer Mid, Kyrie 7, Flight ’89, Chuck 70 Hi and Converse Pro Leather all dressed in the signature Roswell Rayguns colors.

The Nike Rayguns Pack is set to drop on January 15th with a retail range of $85-$145. Pick up a pair via the Nike SNKRS app, or the Converse web store, and StockX.


Adidas Yeezy BOOST 380 Yecoraite


Nike may be releasing an eight sneaker collection literally themed around aliens, but the most futuristic alien-like sneaker this week comes out of Yeezy brand. The 380 is Yeezy brand’s weirdest looking sneaker silhouette — unless you’re counting the Foam Runner as a shoe. (Which… is it?)

The Yecoraite, which features a reflective polar earth-toned upper reminiscent of the landscape of an alien planet, is dropping in the Asia Pacific market but is likely to garner fans worldwide, as this is one of the freshest colorways the 380 has ever had.

The Adidas Yeezy BOOST 380 Yecoraite is set to drop on January 16th for a retail price of $240. Pick up a pair at the Adidas webstore, via Yeezy Supply, and the aftermarket.

Adidas Yeezy BOOST 700 v3 Safflower


The Yeezy 700 v3 Safflower launched globally in November of last year but is only now making its stateside appearance this week. Featuring a glow-in-the-dark RPU cage over a yellowed Primeknit atop a BOOST midsole, the Safflower is a continuation of a great sneaker lineage that first began with the 700 Wave Runner.

The 350 may be Yeezy’s most popular silhouette, but we believe the 700 will go down in history as the most influential silhouette out of the Yeezy family, and the Safflower is a great entry to the story of this silhouette.

The Adidas Yeezy BOOST 700 v3 is set to drop on January 16th for a retail price of $200. Pick up a pair at the Adidas webstore.


Adidas 4D Fusio


Adidas forward-thinking 4D line is becoming more and more accessible, and that’s a good thing. When Adidas first started experimenting with new sneaker technology in an effort to move running shoes forward technologically, they did so at a pretty prohibitive price. Since those early days the retail price of the 4D line has been cut in half, from an average of $400 to a much more manageable $200, and while they’ve been getting cheaper, they’ve also been getting cooler.

The 4D Fusio features a wild ‘90s inspired Primeknit upper with a heel pull lace closure atop a 3D printed 4D lattice midsole with a vibrant TPU belt wrap. The colorway combines core black, two of Adidas’ custom grey shades, Grey Six and Dove Grey.

The Adidas 4D Fusio is set to drop on January 14th for a retail price of $243. Pick up a pair at the Adidas webstore or select retailers like 43einhalb.


Awake NY x BornxRaised

This East meets West workwear-inspired collection brings together streetwear labels Awake NY and the Los Angeles-based BornxRaised and mines both New York and LA street culture for an expansive collection of streetwear essentials. Featuring dual-branded t-shirts, hoodies, and outwear, as well as a few pieces made in collaboration with Carhartt WIP, this collection reimagines ‘90s street fashion as a harmonious mixing of sensibilities, which is a pretty dope move!

The highlight of the collection is easily the chore coats, which act as a perfect encapsulation of both brand’s design strengths.

The Awake NY x BornxRaised collection is set to drop on January 15th at 12 pm PST at the BornxRaised webstore.

Chinatown Market

Chinatown Market has not stopped dropping random collections since this year began and we’re totally here for it. Following a drop of 1-of-1 pieces made from upcycled L.L. Bean apparel, Chinatown Market has done a refresh of their Grateful Dead crocs, which we’re sure are already sold out and will be launching a “drop with a legendary streetwear brand” at 2 pm PST today!

We’re not sure what they have in store but given their track record this year, it’ll be fun and the opposite of whatever you expect. Shop the drops at the Chinatown Market webstore.

Dud of the Week — Louis Vuitton SS21 Men’s Accessories Collection

Louis Vuitton

Louis a dud? Yeah… Virgil, seriously what the hell is this? Abloh is set to drop a seven sneaker Nike collection soon, he’s rumored to be working on a follow up to “The Ten” called “The Twenty,” and he’s probably live-streaming a DJ set right now!

Take a break, bro. Let the creative juices refresh!

This accessory collection features signature Louis Vuitton bags adorned with embroidered cartoon characters from Virgil Abloh’s experimental ‘Zoom with friends’ Louis Vuitton concept. We’re down with the cartoon characters, the art style is seriously dope, but slapping them on a few classic Louis V bags and calling it a day are a clear sign that Abloh is simply spreading himself too thin.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton