The YEEZY Runners, Post Malone, And The Renewed Popularity Of Crocs

This past Friday, YEEZY fan account YEEZY Mafia leaked a promotional photo from an upcoming issue of British music and fashion magazine, The Face. The image showed the soon to be released YEEZY Foam Runners and naysayers on Twitter went off all day long. Critics were quick to point out the Foam Runners resemblance to foam clog brand Crocs, and many dismissed the design as a clear misstep on Ye’s part.

The thing is… criticize the Foam Runners all you want, but if you’re under the impression that Kanye has an upcoming failure on his hands, you couldn’t be more wrong. Crocs have never been more popular in youth culture.

The YEEZY foam runners have since been officially announced on The Face’s Instagram, and while we initially suspected the Foam Runner was purely a speculative name, it turns out that’s indeed what these shoes will be called. Keep in mind that running in possibly rubber shoes with giant holes in them is a recipe for a disaster. Especially with no socks.

Maybe you’ll be able to run in them underwater. Maybe.

If you’re still puzzled as to why Kanye West is designing a shoe so obviously influenced by Crocs, a brand that is seemingly universally mocked and despised, you haven’t been paying attention. Business Insider reports that Piper Jaffray’s survey of teen preferences from 2018 shows that Crocs are the 13th most popular footwear brand amongst teens, which might not sound impressive until you consider that in 2017 the brand was ranked 38th. Crocs aren’t just coming up, they’re coming fast.